Revision of Breast Reconstruction

Here is a woman who had bilateral mastectomies and reconstruction several years ago. She was unhappy with her breast reconstruction. The capsules that had formed around her breast implants were distorting her breast shape, however her implants were also malpositioned. This was not going to be an easy fix, it would take someone who had a good concept of the anatomy of the mastectomy flaps and their blood supply. As well an aesthetic eye with the skill to re-arrange skin flaps to correct the asymmetry of her nipple and areolas while creating a pretty breast shape was also needed. A careful surgical plan was designed and the result was dramatic. She is shown here at 14 months out from her revisionary surgery.

Sometimes the first method of choice for breast reconstruction just doesn’t work out. This woman had a right mastectomy for breast cancer and tissue expander breast reconstruction. Her tissue expander reconstruction just did not work out in her case.The tissue expander had to be removed, however she had other options. The best option at this point was to use the tissue on her abdomen to reconstruct her breast. Her surgeon did a double pedicle TRAM flap breast reconstruction. She had a breast lift and augmentation on her opposite breast for symmetry. This is the beauty of having multiple methods of reconstruction available. If one does not work out, most likely something else will. As you can see her final result was very pretty.

This 32 year old woman had a mastectomy for a right breast cancer. She had immediate tissue expander breast reconstruction in another state. Her surgeon felt that she would be a good candidate for reconstruction using an anatomically shaped gel breast implant that he did not have available to him so she was referred to our office. Her surgical plan included a capsulectomy to remove the scar capsule that had formed around her tissue expander, removal of the tissue expander, and insertion of an anatomically shaped breast implant. Five months later her right nipple & areola were reconstructed and a small left SPAIR breast reduction was done for symmetry. She was very pleased with her very pretty result!