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Review  2/22/24

Everyone in the office is so friendly. Dr. Zomerlei made me feel so comfortable before and after my surgery. Dr. Hammond and his nurse, Emma, went above and beyond staying after hours to help me when I had an emergency. Would recommend this office to anyone.


Review  2/11/24

What an amazing experience with Dr Zomerlei and staff, especially Emma. Professional. Friendly. Compassionate. Dr Z is a magician in the OR! I am thrilled with my results, the way I was treated and everything In between. All the front office staff was amazing as well


Review  1/20/24

It was a dream of mine to get a breast reduction and after years of poorly controlled migraine headaches and back pain, I decided to talk to my primary care doctor about it. I requested to get a referral to Partners in Plastic Surgery since a nurse I knew had gotten a “mommy makeover (including a breast reduction)”. Dr. Lauren Sall was Godsend. I finally have the breast size I always dreamt of. I no longer have migraine headaches (I tried everything under the son – even botox!). I no longer have back pain. I no longer have to spend so much money on chiropractor and massage appointments. My scars are barely even there and the team including the staff and nurses were all very supportive. Dr. Sall is known for her attention to detail and is meticulous about perfection. I highly recommend her.


Review 12/27/23

To all my fellow women out there; if you need a breast reduction, GET IT!!! I went to Partners In Plastic Surgery and saw Dr. Zomerlei! She is FANTASTIC! She is extremely knowledgeable and makes you feel right at ease. She has truly changed my life and I couldn’t be more grateful! I will always recommend her from now on! 🤗🤗🤗


Review 12/26/23

Terri Zomerlei is absolutely phenomenal!! With her personal approach an staff that is beyond amazing! . Hands down a beautiful place to come, as well as a place where you can trust you are in the best hands


Review 12/22/23

I am from Mid Michigan and knew of Dr. Hammond from my sister-in-law having reconstructive breast surgery. At 69 and after losing 86 pounds, I decided to have a breast lift without implants. Dr. Hammond and his staff were so kind and wonderful. He carefully explained every step. All my questions were answered. At 6 months post surgery I am thrilled to have breasts that are like the ones I had in my 20s


Review 11/15/23

I am beyond thankful for everything Dr. Hammond and his entire team did for me! He listened to everything I wanted, but made sure I was safe first and foremost. I’ve never had a doctor/surgeon who was as thorough, technical, and inventive! I have the most INCREDIBLE and BREATHTAKING results after my surgery with VERY MINIMAL SCARS!!!! Thank you Dr. Hammond! 🖤


Review 10/23/2023

Dr. Dennis Hammond is AMAZING! My results far exceeded any expectations I could have ever had! I was initially diagnosed Stage O Breast Cancer and because there were small malignant clusters of cells found in two areas in one Breast, I opted for a Nipple Sparing Double Mastectomy. Dr. Hammond, and his incredibly compassionate and professional team, played a major role in my journey by agreeing to be with me all along the way with the initial expander (prosthesis) surgery and finally the Implant based reconstruction/reconstructive surgery with two stages of fat grafting. I am one year post surgery now and I can not believe how natural and beautiful everything looks and feels! I feel so incredibly lucky because I feel healthier, look like I simply had a Breast Augmentation and the best part, I feel 20 years younger! I’m back in a bikini! Absolutely amazing with jaw dropping results! A HUGE THANK YOU to Dr. Hammond and to everyone including his fellow Dr. Mae Yang who was involved with my surgery and care! You gave me my life back! Priceless!


Review 9/28/23

Dr. Zomerlei is a phenomenal plastic surgeon. She has an excellent bedside manner in addition to outstanding surgical skills. I refer my patients to only Dr. Zomerlei.


Review 07/19/23

I cannot recommend Dr Hammond enough. I live in Sterling Heights and it was totally worth the drive. I went to him to get a previously botched surgery repaired and post op day 1 it already looks amazing. He is so warm and friendly and even though his staff will hate me for saying, he’s funny. He made me feel so comfortable from day one. His staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. The recent renovation he did to his office brought it up to date and it’s so beautiful. I have absolutely nothing bad to say except Dr Mae won’t be there anymore. I found him by doing a google search and found that he is the number 3 top cosmetic surgeon in the US, I would say he’s number 1.


Review 5/24/2023

After many years of contemplating a breast reduction, I finally made a decision to move forward. After researching many local Plastic Surgeons I settled on a consultation with Dr. Hammond as he offered a different technique, called the SPAIR, than most in the area. That peaked my interest. Instantly he made me feel at ease and explained the procedure in great detail that he, himself, had developed. I moved forward with the surgery and I have never been happier! After the surgery, I discovered two of my friends also had a breast reduction all of us within a week of each other. When we compared scars they both were astounded at how different mine looked and stated they wished they had talked to Dr. Hammond. I would highly recommended Dr. Hammond and his team. Without hesitation.


Review 4/29/2023

Dr. Zomerlei is awesome! She was very informative from the beginning until the end. She is very reassuring and knowledgeable. She helped make the best decision based on my expectations and I couldn’t be happier. The biggest advice I can give is, to trust the process. With any surgical procedure there is swelling. I can say at first I was very nervous prior to healing. After the swelling went down and I began to heal, I am very pleased with the results. Everyone in the office is very friendly and resourceful. They were willing to answer all my questions, no matter how small. I also had the chance to meet Dr. Hammond, he was very friendly and reassuring as well. I would highly recommend!


Review 4/26/2023

My experience with Dr. Hammond and Partners in Plastic Surgery has been nothing but wonderful! Although I was initially crushed when my surgery was canceled due to the original surgeon going on leave, I feel so blessed to have been able to transition to Dr. Hammond. The passion he has for his patients and dedication to his craft was obvious every time I met with him or his team. I was convinced I needed a breast reduction, but I was still slightly hesitant of the unknown and uncertainty of any potential outcome. Those feelings quickly subsided after my consult with Dr. Hammond! I am over the moon with the results even after being only two weeks post surgery.

Clearly my testimony hasn’t spoken high enough of how wonderful of a provider Dr. Hammond is and how great his clinical team is. Everyone truly was amazing every step of the way and I would highly, highly recommend them to anyone and everyone! Thank you so much!!


Review 4/22/2023

My experience with Dr. Hammond has been life changing!

Years ago I had breast enhancement done by a different doctor. That surgery had been an under the muscle procedure and unfortunately had not gone well. The muscle had been cut through and I was left quite disfigured. I learned to live with it. When I started to experience posture issues I decided that it was time to make a change to the size of my implants and a friend referred me to Dr. Hammond.

From my very first visit, I was so impressed! I was made to feel so comfortable, not only by the doctor, but the entire staff. I knew I was in the right place. A place that truly cared and wanted to help me.

After consulting with Dr. Hammond, I realized that I had a choice. I didn’t have to just remove my implants and live with the results. I could have them replaced, above the muscle, with a lift, and be beautiful again. I chose that option without hesitation.

All through the process, consultation, pre-op preparations, surgery, post-op and follow up visits, I have been more and more impressed and happy, not only with my procedure choice, but with the doctor and office that I chose.

I am so amazed with the results! I never dreamed that I could look this good!

The fact that we have a doctor that is known throughout the world for his talent, and teachings, right here in Grand Rapids is so special! His compassion is second to none. I can not rate him high enough to truly show my gratitude and thankfulness. This doctor and his staff are a blessing.


Review 01/06/2023

In 2020 I was diagnosed with 2 totally unrelated cancers, one of them resulting in a partial mastectomy, radiation, and chemotherapy. A year and a half after my treatment was complete, and the ‘after-effects’ of the radiation had ended, I was left with breasts that were very different in size and shape; it was visually evident when I was fully clothed. Since I regularly speak in front of groups of people, I found my confidence fading due to worry that people could see the difference. Dr. Hammond and his staff were very thorough with describing my options and what might work best in my situation. After thoughtful consideration, I chose to have breast implants to bring my breasts closer to being symmetrical. I knew I would see improvement but I didn’t know what to expect. The end results? Confidence is back and I could not be more pleased with the results! Way beyond expectations!!
This is a very professional office and I would highly recommend their services.


Review 10/26/2022

I am a 39 year old female that found Dr. Hammond online through his excellent reviews. I went in for my initial consult and knew right away that this was the place. Dr. Hammond performed a breast augmentation on me and I am beyond happy with the results. The enter staff throughout the whole process was amazing. I highly recommend Dr. Hammond and his office.


Review 10/13/2022

I am so happy with the results of my surgery. I had a consultation with another surgeon before meeting Dr. Hammond and it was a very easy decision to entrust my reconstruction to Dr. Hammond. After having three children my breasts felt deflated and my abdominal muscles had separated. I wanted a breast enhancement and a tummy tuck. I am thrilled with the results. I would call Dr. Hammond an expert, intelligent scientist and an artist 🙂 I would highly recommend his practice. Everyone on his team has treated me with love and respect and they have celebrated with me in the renewed confidence I have gained from this experience


Review 10/13/2022

I recently had breast augmentation with Dr Hammond and am so happy with my results! Having children left my breasts deflated and destroyed. I initially consulted with a different plastic surgeon who recommended augmentation with a lift. I then consulted with Dr Hammond who was confident my desired results could be achieved without a lift. He was right, and I am so happy with less scars with augmentation alone! The experience of the surgery itself couldn’t have gone better. Dr Hammond, Dr Mae Yang, and the entire staff were wonderful!!! Dr Hammond has made me confident in my figure again! My breasts look very natural and I couldn’t be more pleased.
Thanks again Dr Hammond!


Review 03/07/2022

I found Dr. Hammond because his excellent reputation. From our first consultation, I felt completely comfortable and was certain I was in good hands. It was clear from the outset that his work would be thorough and precise.  Dr. Hammond and his entire staff are kind, supportive and professional. Having an on-site surgery center and access to a select group of anesthesiologists is a big advantage, and allows him complete control of his procedures. Jo, the nurse assigned to me, walked me through the entire process the day of my surgeries, and was completely attentive to my need and questions. Dr. Hammond performed a breast lift and an abdominoplasty on me, and the results are amazing. He has literally restored my body.
Thank you, Dr.Hammond, for your most excellent care and concern.
Your talent is unmatched!

I cannot recommend Dr. Hammond highly enough!


Review 02/07/2022

Gratitude is what comes to mind. I’m grateful that my path led me to Dr. Hammond and his team. I initially was referred to Dr. Hammond by a friend of mine in Southern Michigan, for a breast reduction. This may not seem possible, but I could feel a difference, as soon as the very next day, from having surgery. The heavy burden, lifted. The pain from the surgery wasn’t unbearable. He and his team were very compassionate, thorough in answering questions and helping me to navigate recovery. I, unequivocally can say, if you are reading this review, wondering if you should consider having a breast reduction, I would encourage you to at least call and set up an appointment. It can be life changing.


Review 1/1/2021

I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in April 2019 and was scared to death. After my consulation with Dr. Hammond I knew I was in the right hands. I absolutely love this office. My nurse, Davida was the best ever! She made me feel right at home from the start and was their all the way through, very, very comforting. I believe I am done with surgeries and I thank you Dr. Hammond for all you have done for me. Also want to thank Laurie for working with me for the last couple years, you were a huge help!
Highly recommend this office.


Review 09/14/20

I had Gynecomastia surgery here and my results were unbelievable!! I am very happy I chose Partners in plastic surgery. I personally chose Dr. Hammond because he’s been in the game for a while and he made sure I was comfortable with doing the procedure. He also told me he faced the same problem growing up and from there I knew I was in good hands. I was so insecure with taking off my shirt in public, but thanks to Dr.Hammond I can now do so!
If you are looking for a great place to get your gynecomastia surgery done, partners in plastic surgery Is definitely that place, I promise !!


Review 09/09/20

I had my breast augmentation surgery on August 25th, 2020. I had Dr. Hammond and let me say I couldn’t be more pleased with this experience. I have known since I was 10 years old, when I didn’t develop like everyone else in my class, that I would be getting this kind of procedure one day. Dr. Hammond was the best to work with. He wanted to make me look proportioned but have good volume and still noticeable that I got something done but only noticed by family. He did exactly what he said he was going to do. I look so natural like I was actually born with the breasts he has given me. I am finally living my dream of feeling and looking like a woman and not a child anymore! The surgery itself went SO good. The nurse I had was by far the sweetest woman. I’m the kind of person who gets scared going to the doctors yet this experience was far from being scared, it was exciting, everyone was so comforting, and had smiles on their faces. The healing process has even gone better then I expected. I cannot get enough of my results. To top it off I had a bit of a challenge for Dr. Hammond, which was my tattoo that I got done years ago that was partially on my right breast, a cardinals wing. He went above and beyond and took extra time in the OR and got my tattoo back PERFECTLY to a T! It doesn’t even look like he cut it apart! Im so impressed by how perfect my tattoo still looks.

Dr. Hammond not only did mine but he also did my cousins 5 years ago and my aunt’s 21 years ago. Both of them look SO natural and have beautiful results. I for one highly recommend Dr. Hammond and his team!


Review 06/26/20

My journey with Partners in Plastic Surgery (PIPS) began when a routine mammogram discovered breast cancer. I was devastated and scared when I found out that I needed a bilateral mastectomy. However, Dr. Hammond and his entire staff at PIPS are sensitive, caring, and put me at ease throughout the entire process. His nurses and office staff are polite and professional and they answered my questions quickly. I always felt like they cared about my health and they reassured me when I was nervous. Dr. Hammond’s surgical skills are exceptional and he demands nothing less than perfection of himself. His attention to detail and his rigorous work ethic allows him to be an innovator in his field and he is recognized by his peers and patients as “Being the Best.” I am so pleased with my results and I am fortunate to have worked with Dr. Hammond and his entire staff at PIPS. Thank you again for making my breast cancer journey a success.


Review 03/09/20

Dr. Hammond and his staff were simply phenomenal . After 10+ years of contemplating breast reconstructive surgery, I decided to perform my due diligence and find a surgeon. After reading through, accolades, and reviews I was confident I found my doctor and he was from my home state, I didn’t need to travel to Chicago, LA, or NYC, Dr. Hammond and his staff made this experience very personal for me and answered all my questions. I immediately scheduled my surgery after my consultation and my results are above and beyond what I could’ve ever imagined. My boyfriend can attest to that :-). My recovery period was quite short and my body is healing well.

Dr. Hammond thank you for you for your kit-glove, professional approach and I would HIGHLY recommend you to any individual seeking breast reconstructive surgery.