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Our Cosmetics & Product Lines

Makeup Application and Instruction

Let us introduce you to the advantages of mineral makeup along with helping you acquire techniques to give you the latest looks of the season!

The Skin Care Center at Partners in Plastic Surgery carries Glomineral makeup for their ability to create the appearance of flawless skin while nurturing and protecting it. This advanced makeup combines pharmaceutical grade ingredients, natural high-pigment micronized minerals, and the power of antioxidants. The result is unsurpassed coverage that fights free radical damage and provides broad spectrum UV protection and anti-inflammatory continuous coverage. These products are great for any skin type, but especially for those with sensitive skin or with skin prone to acne or rosacea.

Skin Care Products

We feature product lines dedicated to providing advanced skin care backed by science.


Advanced skin care products are designed to prevent future damage, protect healthy skin, and correct previous damage. Skinceuticals uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients with proven scientific results.

La Roche-Posay

Offers a complete range of dermo-cosmetic skin care products. We carry La Roche-Posay comprehensive skincare regimens for patients with all skin conditions, including oily/problem skin, severely dry skin, intolerant/sensitive skin, photosensitive skin and prematurely aged skin.


This skin-nurturing makeup emphasizes beauty with a higher purpose. These advanced formulations combine pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, natural high-pigment minerals and the power of anti-oxidants. The resulting clinically advanced mineral makeup covers and helps correct and protect.


An effective, non-invasive way to help grow your own beautiful eyelashes without pills, injections or surgery, LATISSE contains bimatoprost, which is thought to extend the eyelash growth cycle and increase the number of individual eyelashes. The result is longer, fuller, darker eyelashes. Results appear gradually as new eyelashes grow in and replace old lashes. You will begin to notice thicker, fuller eyelashes in as little as 4 weeks, with full results in 16 weeks. To maintain your long, lush lashes, treatment must continue. Otherwise lashes will return to their pre-treatment state.

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