Breast Augmentation via Fat Grafting

Here is another fine example of state of the art breast surgery. This beautiful breast shape is a result of using fat rather than a breast implant to perform a breast augmentation. This 37 year old wanted to have a modest breast augmentation using her own tissue. She was a perfect candidate for fat grafting breast augmentation. As an out-patient, 940cc of fat was harvested from her abdomen, flanks and lateral & medial thighs. This allowed 470cc of fat to be evenly added to each breast. Here she is six months out from her procedure with a very beautiful and natural breast augmentation with only ONE procedure and her own tissue . She is very happy with her decision and her result!

Here is an example of one of the latest techniques used for breast augmentation. This 41 year old woman was interested in augmenting her size 34 B breasts using her own fat as filler for her . As an out-patient under general anesthesia fat was taken from her medial & lateral thighs, posterior hips and abdomen. At 5’9″ and 147 lbs, it was necessary to take fat from all of these areas to obtain an adequate amount of fat without over reducing the fat in one area. The amount of fat used was 400cc for her left breast & 350cc for her right. This result is shown at six weeks out from surgery. She is very happy with her over-all result!