Fellowship Opportunities

Learn About Our Fellowship Opportunities

The Aesthetic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery fellowship offered by Dr. Dennis Hammond offers the opportunity for extensive operative and clinical experience, research, and publication.


On a day-to-day basis, the fellow is responsible for seeing pre- and postoperative patients, completing consults, rounding on surgical patients, and assisting Dr. Hammond in the operating room and office. Basically, the fellow goes wherever Dr. Hammond goes, and takes care of the practice when Dr. Hammond is away at conferences. The fellow takes calls for the practice 24/7, with few phone calls that are patients calling with a question. The fellow covers the emergency room for Dr. Hammond when he is on call. Plastic surgery residents are on first call for the ER so the fellow essentially takes phone calls from ER staff and residents during ER call times.


The operative experience includes many varied reconstructive breast cases, numerous SPAIR breast reductions, and cosmetic cases emphasizing body contouring but also including some facial cosmetic work. The fellow does a lot of operating but should also see the educational value in assisting. Teaching takes place all day every day and an enthusiastic and interested fellow will derive great benefit.


Dr. Hammond has a strong interest in clinical research and publication. During the fellowship there will be many opportunities for presentation and publication of as many papers as can be completed.

“My personal experience with this fellowship has been extremely positive, educational, and enjoyable. The experience is hands-on, the teaching is thorough, and the office is a nice place to work. Dr. Hammond is fortunate to have some of the most knowledgeable, kind, and dedicated people I have ever met working as a team with a common goal of doing something meaningful for patients while constantly working to improve surgical technique and surgical education.

I have certainly appreciated this fellowship experience and highly recommend it.”

– Amy M. Simon, M.D.