This young man came to us concerned about excess breast tissue that he’d been coping with since adolescence.  He felt self-conscious about this part of his anatomy and found that he was avoiding normal activities like swimming and sports due to not wanting to be shirtless in public.  In a simple out patient procedure, Dr. Hammond was able to remove a considerable amount of tissue as well as use a liposuction technique to make certain that the chest had a nice, smooth contour.  The patient reports feeling so much happier and more comfortable with his appearance.

This 40 year old gentleman was unhappy with the extra tissue on his chest wall. He sought out a surgeon who had dealt with this before to discuss his surgical options. He found out that it could be safely and easily treated by a combination of liposuction and direct excision of excess tissue. He also discovered that it could be done as an out patient with little recovery time. His post-op photo is very early so he has some healing to do and swelling to lose but he is very happy with his result which he knows will improve with time!

This 43 year old gentleman wanted to have the excess tissue on his chest wall removed. After a detailed exam and consultation he decided to go ahead with the out patient procedure which would remove the tissue safely and evenly. The tissue was removed with a combination of liposuction and direct excision of the underlying tissue. His post op photos are at 1 year after his procedure. He is very happy with his result!

This 28 year old gentleman was bothered by the excess tissue in the breast area. It was more prevalent in the right than the left. He was a very fit with little to no excess fatty tissue so the treatment in his case was to surgically remove the fibrous bud of tissue. He searched the internet for a surgeon who was experienced in treating gynecomastia. Achieving this goal without leaving a contour deformity is where the experience becomes important. “It’s not (only) what you take but how you take it and what you leave behind”. In this young man’s case it worked out well. His “after” photos show him at four months out from his out-patient procedure with a nice resolution of his pre-operative concerns.

The fullness in this young man’s chest was subtle but enough for him to want to seek out a surgeon who could safely remove the excess fullness in the nipple area. Using a tiny incision under the nipple the small extra bud of tissue was easily and safely excised, leaving a smooth contour to the chest wall. His post operative appearance is eight months after his procedure.