Breast Lift with Implant

This woman presented to our office to discuss having a breast augmentation. She felt that her breasts were too small for her and decided to find out what having a breast augmentation would mean for her. Her surgeon spent time discussing breast implants, the surgical procedure and would be best for her personally. In her case a breast lift along with an augmentation would be her best option. She would require only a peri-areolar incision to remove a little crescent shaped rim of skin above her areolas. The implants could be inserted through this incision. The implants of choice were anatomically shaped cohesive gel. They had a volume of 330 cc and a moderate plus projection. They were placed under the muscle. Here she is six months after her surgery with a very pretty augmentation.

This 30 year old presented with concerns of lost volume and ptosis in her breasts. She discussed both her concerns and options with one of our experienced surgeons and came to the conclusion to proceed with an augmentation/mastopexy. Her implants were placed under her pec muscle through an inframmary fold incision. She is only six weeks out from her procedure, however, she has a very pretty result that should continue to get better with time.

This 42 year old tall statuesque woman had lost 130 lbs over two years of hard work. She presented to our office with concerns of her breasts appearing “saggy, deflated”. After a detailed discussion with her surgeon a plan for a breast augmentation along with a SPAIR breast lift was formed. The implants were placed in the subglandular plane and implants of choice were smooth round gel 275cc with a moderate plus projection. She is seen here at seven months out from her procedure. Clearly, she is very happy.

This 46 year old female came in to the office to discuss adding volume to her breasts. She was a great candidate for a mastopexy/augmentation. Here she is 6 weeks after surgery. She looks stunning!