Implant Removal

Here is a 27 year old patient with a tuberous breast she had implants placed a year before. She decided that she preferred to have smaller breasts and she wanted her implants removed. Here she is with her implants in and 1 week after they were removed. She is very pleased with they way her breasts look after her implants were removed.

This patient 45 years old. She had implants placed 15 years prior. She was not happy with the look and size of her implants. She also feels as her implants have dropped. She came in to the looking to see what her options were. She opted to go with implant removal and a lift. Here she is before end at her 6 month follow up. She is very happy with her result!

This patient developed a capsular contractor of the right breast after a breast augmentation. Instead of getting a capsulectomy she decided to have her implants removed. Here she is before and after her implants were removed.