Dennis Hammond, MD

Dr. Hammond, a board-certified plastic surgeon, is a lifelong Michigander having been born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan. After graduating first in his class from Arthur Hill High School, he attended the University of Michigan both for undergraduate training as a premed student as well as for Medical school. While at Michigan, he served as a manager, and eventually as the senior manager, on the football team under legendary head coach Bo Schembechler whose unyielding commitment to excellence influences him to this day. After completing medical school training in 1985 he was accepted into the integrated Plastic Surgery training program in Grand Rapids, Michigan under the direction of program chairman Dr. John Beernink. Upon graduation in 1990, he then completed two year long highly competitive fellowships in Plastic Surgery. One, at the Medical College of Wisconsin under the direction of Drs. David Larson and Hani Matloub concentrated on Surgery of the Hand as well as Microsurgery. It was based on this fellowship experience that Dr. Hammond was able to replant the nose of a 16 year old boy involved in a car accident only two weeks after opening his practice. In searching the literature after this case was successfully completed, it was discovered that this was the first time an amputated nose had ever been conventionally replanted using both an artery and a vein, certainly a tribute to the quality of the training Dr. Hammond received in Milwaukee under the direction of several fine surgeons. However it was the second fellowship that has most directly influenced Dr. Hammond’s current academic career. This year long combination research and clinical fellowship in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery was completed in Nashville, Tennessee under the direction of two of the finest breast surgeons in the world, Drs. Pat Maxwell and Jack Fisher.

Based on this experience, Dr. Hammond has himself now gone on to become one of the world’s most recognized and respected authorities in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the breast. He has co-edited one of the most influential textbooks in plastic surgery along with his friend and colleague Dr. Scott Spear from Georgetown University in Washington DC. In addition, he has authored numerous book chapters concerning a host of breast related topics in nearly every respected plastic surgery textbook currently in use. He has now also written his own single author textbook, “Atlas of Aesthetic Breast Surgery” first published in 2009. This best selling text is currently recognized by every serious student of breast surgery as a “how to” guide to successful outcomes. Dr. Hammond has authored many scientific papers, and currently serves as an associate editor for “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,” the main scientific journal for plastic surgeons around the world. Dr. Hammond also serves on the editorial board for Annals of Plastic Surgery, and serves as a reviewer for scientific articles for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the Journal of Aesthetic Surgery. Dr. Hammond has performed live surgery as part of surgical demonstrations at various meetings all over the world including at the prestigious Baker-Gordon Aesthetic Surgery Symposium and multiple times at the Atlanta Breast Symposium. He has also given literally hundreds of presentations at meetings all over the globe. He has served as the chairman of the well respected Sante Fe Breast and Body Contouring Symposium three times, most recently in 2011. Dr Hammond is a member of and serves on numerous committees for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) as well as for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). Dr. Hammond routinely gives numerous panel lectures and instructional courses at the annual meetings for both of these societies. Dr. Hammond is also a member of the prestigious American Association of Plastic Surgeons.

Clinically Dr. Hammond is active in nearly every aspect of aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery. He:

  • Developed and marketed his own tissue expander for breast reconstruction
  • Developed the internationally utilized BodyLogic evaluation system used for implant sizing in breast augmentation
  • Participated in nearly every known breast implant study since 1990
  • Served as the medical director for the Contour Profile Gel (CPG) anatomically shaped cohesive gel breast implant (gummy bear implant) study marketed by the Mentor Corporation, a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson

However, perhaps the most notable achievement thus far has been Dr. Hammond’s development of the SPAIR Mammaplasty. This procedure directly designed and developed by Dr. Hammond accomplishes reduction of an overly large breast with half the scarring normally associated with breast reduction and yet provides outstanding cosmetic results, not only for breast reduction but for breast lifting as well.

Dr. Hammond is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has been in practice since 1992. Currently his practice focuses on all aspects of both aesthetic as well as reconstructive breast surgery. Dr. Hammond has also developed a particular interest in revisionary breast surgery treating complications from previous procedures. Other types of body contouring procedures are also offered by Dr. Hammond including abdominoplasty, liposuction, and various types of body reshaping after weight loss. No matter what the condition, Dr. Hammond is intensely committed to providing Michigan residents with the best plastic surgery results that can be achieved in the safest manner possible.

Dr. Hammond is currently accepting Priority Health commercial insurances.