After Weight Loss

This patient came to see Dr. Zomerlei after loosing 155 lbs and being at a stable weight for over a year. She was struggling with skin breakdown under her pannus. She also was not able to perform some exercise activities due to the excess skin. After a detailed consultation the patient decided to go with a full abdominoplasty as well as a circumferential lift. Here she is before and 6 weels post op.


This patient came to use after massive weight loss. She is not happy with her excess skin. She underwent a breast reduction and lift, abdominoplasty and extended thigh lift/buttock lift. Here are her results.

This patient is a 61 year old female that has had significant weight loss. She has 3 adult children with history of c-sections. She is unhappy with her extra skin. She underwent a tummy tuck, thigh lift and an arm lift. Here are her results.


This 40 year old female has had massive weight loss. She had lost around 160 lbs!! She was unhappy with her overhanging pannus. Here are her before and after photos. She is only 6 weeks post op here. Her scar will lighten significantly.

This patient is a 51 year old female that had lost a total of  100 + lbs. She is a great candidate for an abdominoplasty. Here are her before and after photos. She is 6 weeks post op.