Clinical Studies

Dr. Hammond’s Clinical Studies

Dr. Dennis Hammond leads the way for many plastic surgeons in Grand Rapids, MI, and beyond when it comes to improving breast surgery techniques and breast implant technology. He is an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who participates in clinical studies in an effort to enhance patient safety and surgical outcomes. This page discusses his involvement in some recent breast implant studies.

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MENTOR® Contour Profile Gel (CPG) Breast Implants

Dr. Hammond served as medical director in a 10-year clinical study of MENTOR’s Contour Profile Gel (CPG) breast implants (now called MemoryShape®), which led to their FDA approval in July 2012. These textured, anatomically shaped breast implants are filled with a cohesive silicone gel and may be used in both aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery.

Read the study: Mentor Contour Profile Gel implants: Clinical Outcomes at 6 years. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal. 2012 Jun; 129(6):1381-91

MENTOR® MemoryShape® Breast Implants

Dr. Hammond was a lead investigator for a 10-year clinical study of 4 additional styles of MENTOR MemoryShape breast implants. Approved by the FDA in September 2014, these additional styles offer choices in height, width, and projection and enable doctors to better integrate the cohesive silicone gel implants with a variety of patient goals and body types.

Read the study: Technique and Results Using MemoryShape Implants in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal. 2014 Sep; 134 (3S): 16S-26S.