Arm Lift

This patient came to see us after she lost a significant amount of weight. She was not happy with the extra skin on her arms. She was a great candidate for an arm lift. This is her before and 8 months after surgery. She is very happy with her result!

This patient came in to see Dr. Hammond after she lost a significant amount of weight. She did not like her arms and she chose to have a brachioplasty. Here are her before and after photos.


This patient came in because she disliked the excess skin she had on her arms after loosing weight. She did not feel comfortable in short sleeved shirts on in bathing suits. Her results are stunning!

This very motivated woman lost over 80 lbs on her own and was unhappy with the excess skin and fat on her upper arms. The surgical plan included debulking the arms with liposuction with skin excision from just below the elbow transversing up the arms to the axillae. At only two months post-op she still has some healing to do, in regards to lightening of her scars and overall swelling. However, over-all she has a very nice resolution to her concerns with the appearance of her upper arms. Updated photos comparing two months and eight months post-op reveal the lightening of her scars over time.

After a 75 lb. weight loss and a breast lift. This 59 year old woman returned to have the excess skin removed from her upper arms. Her excess skin was simply excised from the inside aspect of both of her upper arms being careful not to remove too much which can result in a pinched, tight, unnatural look. The outcome can be a significant aesthetic change and the scar on the under side of the arm fades with time. This procedure is called a brachioplasty.