Here is a 41 year old woman who presented to discuss liposuction. She was interested in having her abdomen, posterior hips, and her thighs treated. Using tumescence and traditional liposuction, all of these areas were treated with a beautiful slimming and smooth result. At only six weeks out from her surgery, she still may have some swelling but she looks terrific!

This petite young mother had some areas of localized fat that she was unable to lose even with diet and exercise. Her lateral and medial thighs bothered her and didn’t fit the rest of her very trim profile. Treating the areas with a solution of fluid containing local anesthetic and epinephrine (called tumescence) to cut down on the bruising, we treated the areas with traditional liposuction. You can see the smooth contours and final result after this simple liposuction procedure in Grand Rapids.

*Here is a 36 year old woman who has had 3 pregnancies but whose abdomen is in great shape except for a small amount of excess fat in her abdomen. This area was simply treated with tumescence and careful liposuction to gently remove the fat while maintaining a nice smooth surface to her abdominal skin. This out patient procedure restored her nice flat tummy and gave her a beautiful post operative appearance!