Breast Reduction

This young 24 year old woman was troubled by neck, shoulder and back pain as well as headaches from the weight of her breasts. She wore a size 34E bra. She was a perfect candidate for a SPAIR breast reduction! In an out patient procedure 431 gms of tissue was removed form her left breast and 300 gms from her right. Her bra size went down to a C cup. She experienced immediate resolution of her symptoms and was able to fit into clothing much more easily. She is extremely pleased with her outcome both symptomatically and aesthetically.

Here is a 25 year old female that has been struggling with exercising and sports due to the size of her breasts. She has to wear more then 1 bra at a time to get maximum support. Here she is before and 2 years after her breast reduction.

This is a 45 year old female that came into the office with back/neck and shoulder pain. She has 3 kids and breast fed them all. She decided to get a breast reduction. Here are her results.

Here is a 41 year old female that has struggled with large breasts her whole life. She was a DD in high school and after her pregnancy she was a 36 J. Here are her before and 6 week post op photos. She feels great and loves her results. Her only regret was not doing this sooner!!