Mommy Makeover

This 39 year old woman came to us after multiple pregnancies concerned about the loss of her abdominal wall support and “saggy” breasts. Her surgical plan involved a breast lift and tummy tuck. She had a full abdominoplasty with abdominal wall plication and a SPAIR breast lift. The result was a restoration of her very pretty figure. Her photos show her at four years out from her mommy makeover.

This 45 year old woman had breasts that were too large for her along with all of the typical symptoms that go along with large breasts. She also wanted to get her tummy back into shape following numerous pregnancies. Her surgical plan included a SPAIR breast reduction and a tummy tuck including plication of her abdominal wall. What a significant difference in her figure, her morale and her ability to fit into different styles of clothing!

This 50 year female came into the office for breast and abdominal rejuvenation. She has had 3 kids and has excess skin to her abdomen. She has some muscle separation as well. She is also not happy with the loss of volume in her breasts. He surgical plan is Bilateral breast augmentation as well as a full abdominoplasty with muscle plication. Here she is before and at the 1 year post op.

This pt is a 43 year old female that has a recent history of 60 lb weight loss. She also has 2 teenage children. She is unhappy with her excess abdominal skin/stretch marks. She also feels as though her breasts are deflated. Her surgical plan was breast augmentation and lift as well as a full abdominoplasty. Here are her before pictures as well as her 6 month follow up.

This patient is a 36 year old female. She underwent a full abdominoplasty, and a breast lift with fat grafting.

This patient is a 40 year old mother that was unhappy with her breasts and abdomen. She decided to have a full abdominoplasty as well as a breast augmentation. Here is her before and after.