Tummy Tuck

40 year old woman seeking a tummy tuck. Her skin cut out and incision were carried out laterally to prevent “dog ears” on the lateral ends of her abdominal scar. Liposuction was done to her posterior hips to smooth out her waistline and give her a lovely shapely waistline. She is one year out from her procedure.

This 31 year old mother wanted to reclaim her once fit and trim figure. After pregnancies and childbirth her abdominal wall had lost it’s competency. She also had some excess fat in her abdomen and hip areas. She was the perfect candidate for a tummy tuck and liposuction. Six short weeks following her out patient procedure she shows a stunning result. With time, her scars will lighten and any residual swelling will subside. Needless to say, she is thrilled with her post operative appearance.

*This 35 year old mother presented to our office to discuss both her abdomen and her breasts. Three pregnancies had taken their toll on her abdomen and she now wished to have the excess stretched out skin removed, abdominal wall tightened up and some excess fat on her posterior hips and thighs removed. As she and her surgeon discussed these procedures the opportunity presented itself to use the fat removed to add volume to her breasts. She had an extended tummy tuck with liposuction to the areas discussed previously. You can see what a beautiful result she had from these procedures. She is now 16 months out from her procedure.

This patient is a 46 year old female is not happy with her overhang after pregnancy. She has a mild separation of her abdominal muscles. Here she is before her full abdominoplasty amd at her 6 month follow up.

This pt is a 61 year old female that dislikes the excess skin on abdomen. She had a full abdominoplasty. Here are her 6 month results.

This patient is a 33 year old female. She has had 2 children and feels that she has excess skin and fat. She decided to have a full abdominoplasty. Here are her 6 months results

This patient is a 46 year old female that came in with complaints of excess fat and skin. She chose to have a full abdominoplasty. Here are her 1 year results.