Revision Breast Augmentation

Here is a woman who had a breast augmentation two years prior elsewhere. She presented to our office because she was unhappy with the size of her breasts. She had wanted smaller implants when she had her original augmentation but her surgeon at the time put in 450 cc implants. She wanted to have her implants removed with no replacement. This resulted in a serious discussion. Once implants are put into the breast the remaining breast tissue becomes condensed around the periphery of the implants. This tissue does not always return to its native state when an implant is removed; the breast may not look like it did in its pre-augmented state. The discussion then proceeded to putting in significantly smaller implants. This required another discussion. Putting implants in a pocket that is larger than the implant results in a “rock in the sock” look that is not attractive. Her surgeon explained that a breast lift, removing excess skin would be needed in order to have an attractive looking breast. With those discussions behind them, decisions could be made. The plan was to do a bilateral implant exchange to much smaller implants and adding a SPAIR short scar breast lift. The implants that were placed were 175 cc with a moderate profile. The lift required an incision around the areola and a vertical incision to the inframmary fold. Her five month result shows a very pretty breast shape and much more appropriate size for her frame. An added bonus was a reduction of her areolas which had been stretched by her augmentation.

* After having had a breast augmentation several years ago, this woman decided it was time to change out her implants and go a bit bigger. She came to a reputable surgeon who described a procedure that would relax the capsules that had formed around her implants and exchange her saline implants for larger silicone gel devices. She ultimately raised her implant size by 150cc. We used the same sizing system in her consult that we use with women who are consulting us regarding a primary augmentation. We simply added sizers to a sizing bra until she saw the size that she was going for. We then chose the implants to bring with us to the operating suite by adding the implant size she currently had in place and adding the volume of the sizers. It worked out very well. The size she was happy with in our office was the size that looked the best when we sat her up during surgery. She is a good example of the subtle changes (in some respects) that make a big difference in the look of the breasts along with careful planning.

This woman had a breast augmentation as a very young woman. As time went on a capsule formed around her breast implants, her breasts got larger and her native breast tissue started to hang off her implants. Her implants were too large for her so an implant exchange was done. Scoring to the capsules that had formed around her breasts relaxed the implant pocket and finally a breast lift was done by removing excess skin from around her nipple and areola. She is only a couple of months out from her revisionary procedure but is very happy with the transformation of her breast shape.