Breast Augmentation with Lift

This is a 43 year old females that was not happy with her breasts. She wanted to have more perky/full breasts. She had a breast lift as well as augmentation. Here she is 1 year post op.

This patient is a 35 year old female that came in because since she has had two children and also breast fed she feels that her breasts have lost volume and she does not like her stretch marks. Here she is at her 6 month follow up.

After losing over 100 lbs, this 36 year old woman’s biggest concern with her breasts was that they were “saggy”. She had a lengthy discussion with her surgeon about adding volume as well as having a lift procedure. The plan developed into a SPAIR mastopexy with smooth round gel implants. The implants chosen were 500 cc with a moderate plus projection. She is now about 3 months out from her procedure with a beautiful transformation to her bust line!

This 40 year old woman was interested in a breast lift and breast augmentation. Through a peri-areolar incision (around her nipple & areola) a simple breast lift was done. The lower aspect of this same incision was used to insert her breast implants. Anatomically shaped medium height, moderate plus profile with 330cc volume gel implants were chosen for her. She was thrilled with her stunning result which achieved her pre-operative goals and made it easier to fit into clothes.