* This gentleman had both functional and aesthetic concerns with his nose.  He had more trouble breathing out of the left side than the right.  A couple months prior to coming in to the office, he had sustained an injury to his nose.  Since then, his breathing problems were even worse, especially on the left side.  You can actually see his septal deviation in the “worm’s eye” view pre-op photos!  In the pre-op frontal views, the entire dorsal line of the nose is slightly deviated to the left.  In addition to improving his nasal airflow, he also wanted to make his nose look straighter and slightly more masculine with some minor reshaping of the nasal dorsum and tip.  His nose looked pretty good to start with, so he did not require major changes in its shape.  Results are shown approximately 6 months following rhinoplasty and septoplasty.  He can now breathe through his nose without any difficulty and is happy with the improved appearance of his nose!