*First set of photos: Even though this 44 year old woman did not have extremely large breasts, she had significant symptoms associated with the weight and pulling on her upper body. In addition to neck, shoulder and back pain, she also suffered from headaches and a rash under her breasts. She was ready to do something about it. What she did was to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced surgeons to discuss all the factors to consider if she made the decision to have a breast reduction. After an extensive discussion she made her decision. As an out patient she had her breasts reduced (320 gms were removed from her right breast and 440 gms from her left). She reported instant relief from her neck and shoulder pain.

Second set of photos: She is now a little over a year out from her surgery, is still symptom free and very happy with the look of her breasts as well! This set of photos show a comparison between her six month and 14 month result.