*This young woman had what is called a tuberous breast deformity. It is a congenital deformity that constricts the breast during its development stage. Results of the deformity vary greatly, however, hallmarks of the deformity are a breasts that are more narrow than normal for the chest wall and areolas that are too large for the existing breast. Another common finding in this deformity is breast asymmetry. Correction of the deformity varies according to each individual woman depending on how the deformity has manifested itself. In this young woman the surgical correction included surgically spreading open her existing breast tissue, reducing the size of her nipple & areolas and inserting breast implants. The implants chosen were moderate profile smooth round silicone gel with a 325cc volume. Her reconstruction was performed in one out patient procedure and was life changing for her. The post op photo shows a 5 year result.