Grand Rapids Surgeon Leads Clinical Trial of Newly Approved Implants

Grand Rapids Surgeon Leads Clinical Trial of Newly Approved Implants

Dr. Dennis Hammond, a breast augmentation specialist in Grand Rapids, was a lead investigator in the study that led to FDA approval of 4 new implant styles.

Grand Rapids, Michigan (January 2015) — Dr. Dennis Hammond (, a leading breast augmentation surgeon in Grand Rapids, served as a lead investigator in a clinical trial that resulted in the recent FDA approval of four new MENTOR® MemoryShape® breast implant styles. The new styles, according to Hammond, reflect the increasing customization available to patients.

“Breast reconstruction and breast augmentation patients have varying needs and wants, specifically with regard to projection. These newly approved implants help address those needs in a more comprehensive way,” says Dr. Hammond, who practices at Partners in Plastic Surgery of West Michigan. “Expansion of the product line, in combination with Mentor’s unique imprint texturing, limits implant rotation, allowing surgeons to achieve consistent, long-term, optimal outcomes for their patients.”

The new breast implant styles are teardrop-shaped, mimicking the natural slope of breasts. Because breasts naturally project more at the bottom than the top, Hammond says, it makes sense that some women prefer the shaped implants. At his Grand Rapids, Michigan plastic surgery practice, Dr. Hammond says he offers a wide range of options in breast implants. He offers a variety of shapes and styles from several manufacturers to ensure his patients have a choice that meets their cosmetic goals and physical characteristics.

“I recently wrote a blog post for Smart Beauty Guide, which is published online by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery,” Dr. Hammond says, “highlighting the fact that all 3 major implant manufacturers in the U.S. have introduced new implant options to help women get truly personalized results.”

The level of satisfaction among patients getting breast augmentation is already very high, Dr. Hammond says, and continues to increase with the expanded choices. They include the highly cohesive gel implants, often called “gummy bear” implants because they have a consistency that’s similar to the candy. The special form-stable silicone gel implants represent an important advancement for implants, Dr. Hammond says.

“These implants retain their shape no matter what, yet still feel and look like natural breasts,” he says. “They are available in both round and shaped styles, including the recently approved MemoryShape implants.”

Dr. Hammond says there’s never been a time in his career when women had more options when selecting breast implants.

“Breast augmentation and reconstruction patients don’t want cookie-cutter results,” he says. Some women want enhanced cleavage and upper pole fullness; others are looking for more subtle changes. With the options available today, we can work with all patients to really customize their results.”

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