October 2014 Newsletter

October 2014 Newsletter

October Specials

If you aren’t happy with the nose you’re living with there are surgical solutions and this month, we’ve got a discount to go along with them!

Recieve 15% off surgeon’s fee on a cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure as well as 25 units of Botox® OR 50 units of Dysport® FREE!

Your face is your window to the world, if you’re not in love with the reflection you see there, change it! Make an appointment for a consultation and speak one on one with a board certified plastic surgeon to discover all the options available to you.

Don’t settle…SHINE!

Call today. We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

New Fall Additions to the gloMinerals® LUXE Line

Exclusive special offer, 20% off the gloMinerals LUXE line.

gloMinerals LUXE line harnesses diamond powder technology to deliver customizable correction to any skin tone. The LUXE line, foundation, concealer pens, finishing powder and application brushes provide a soft focus effect for an everyday flawless look.

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