* This beautiful 49 year old patient has had difficulty breathing through her nose since she was a child. She had fractured her nose twice in childhood, and never had any sort of intervention. Her septum was, indeed, deviated. She also had vestibular stenosis (narrow nasal passages) and an enlargement of her inferior turbinates. In addition to her breathing troubles, she was also unhappy with the dorsal line of her nose and with her slightly boxy looking nasal tip. She was hoping to address both functional and aesthetic concerns at the same time. She underwent a rhinoplasty + septoplasty, with internal cartilage grafting to open up her air passages, and flattening out of her enlarged inferior turbinates to allow for better air flow. The shape of her nasal dorsum and tip were also refined to look more feminine and in proportion to the rest of her face. She is now breathing much better and loves her new nose!