* This lovely young woman came to our office looking for some minor revisions to the tip of her nose that stemmed from a congenital cleft palate.  Her cleft palate was repaired in infancy, but it is not uncommon to also have some alterations in the nose related to the congenital cleft deformity.  Fortunately, hers were only minor!  She did not like the appearance of the hanging columella in profile view.  In addition, she thought her nasal tip was too rounded and did not look feminine enough. She was happy with the contour of her nasal dorsum and just wanted some minor improvements in her nasal tip and a little narrowing of the nasal base.  Because of the pre-existing asymmetries related to her congenital deformity, it would not be possible to make her nostrils exactly symmetric without negatively altering the overall shape of her nose.