*At 16 years old this young woman presented to our office to discuss having a breast reduction. She was active in sports in school and her breast size interfered with her ability to be as active as she desired to be. She had a bilateral SPAIR breast reduction removing 440 gms of tissue from her right breast and 300 gms from her left. Her post op views show her eight months after her breast reduction.

Five years later she returned to our office with recurrent macromastia (enlarged breasts) and wanted to have her breasts reduced again. Her surgeon used liposuction to reduce the overall volume of her breasts and re-excised skin around her nipple and areola and underneath her breasts to re-shape her breasts once the volume was reduced. Her post op views for this procedure show her one year result.

It’s not typical for someone to need a second breast reduction. When we see it, it usually is either because someone had a reduction at a very young age such as this young woman or in the case of a woman who had a breast reduction before having children. The body changes that are common after giving childbirth can cause changes in the breasts, either by depleting the breast volume or re-enlarging it.