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* Here is a 44 year old woman who had a breast reduction many years ago. She was now looking at the need for bilateral mastectomies. She presented to our office to see what her options were for breast reconstruction. After a detailed consultation with her surgeon her reconstructive options, explanations of the various procedures and inherent risks of each method of reconstruction were discussed in detail. She and her surgeon decided to go with Tissue Expander breast reconstruction using her latissimus muscles as soft tissue coverage for her implants. Her initial stage of reconstruction was done at the time of her mastectomies. Six months later a second stage was completed which consisted of removing her tissue expanders, putting in the permanent implants and reconstruction of her nipple and areolas. Her reconstructed nipple & areolas were cosmetically tattooed, and eight months later a third stage completed her reconstruction with final shaping of her breasts. She feels that her breasts look better now than they did before her mastectomies and reconstruction.

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