* This 60 year old woman presented after having had a mastectomy and chemo-therapy for a left breast cancer. She was now ready to check out her options for breast reconstruction. She needed skin replaced for her new left breast so her surgeon discussed using a muscle flap that would have the advantage of bringing the skin on top of the muscle along with it to replace the missing skin. Then the discussion about the opposite breast began. Her opposite breast was too large. Doing a breast reduction would do a few of things; prevent a breast asymmetry, relieve symptoms that she had due to the weight of that breast, and give a pathologist the opportunity to look at the tissue of her other breast to make sure there were no concerns in the tissue. Both the first stage of her left breast reconstruction involving bringing the latiss muscle around and placing a tissue expander under it and her right breast reduction were done at the same time. Six months later her expander was removed and replaced with a 750 cc smooth round Moderate Plus profile gel breast implant, fat grafting was done to a couple of areas of the same breast and her nipple and areola complex was reconstructed. These photos show her at 5 months after her 2nd stage reconstruction. You can see the skin that was patched in on her left breast. The only remaining procedure is to have her reconstructed nipple and areola tattooed. Meanwhile, she is very happy with her symmetric breasts and restoration of her left breast!