* SECOND set of before & after photos: This very fit 50 year old woman wanted to restore her breast volume. Her goal was to look as natural as possilble. Her surgical plan was to use an inframmary fold incision, smooth round gel breast implants and a sub-pectoral placement because of her thin soft tissue envelope. High profile 325cc implants were used and she was very happy with her new look!

UPDATED FIRST set of photos: A year and a half later she decided that she might like to make some changes. She had developed a mild capsular contracture which was pulling her implants out laterally and she wanted to have larger implants. Given the fact that she is so fit and trim, the decision was made to switch to anatomically shaped implants to ensure that she would have a more natural look. Carefully, her surgeon opened the pockets medially and released the mild contracture that she had. Anatomically shaped implants with a medium height and moderate plus projection were placed. The volume was increased from 325cc to 420cc. She now has a fuller breast and better implant placement with natural contours. She is now two years out from her revision.