*After 3 pregnancies this 38 year old woman’s abdomen had lost it’s abdominal wall competency. She presented to our office asking about a tummy tuck. She did not have a significant amount of excess skin so she and her surgeon discussed doing a mini-abdominoplasty (removing just a small wedge of skin between the belly button and pubic area). However, her diastasis (spreading of her abdominal muscles) required inside plication of her entire abdominal wall. Since she did not need a lot of skin removed, she was a good candidate for an umbilical float procedure which would negate the need for a scar around her belly button. Through the abdominal incision the skin of her entire abdomen was raised to allow for tightening the laxity from under her breasts to her pubis. Her photos show a 4 year result of this very nice procedure.