*One of the areas that is particularly bothersome to the people who visit us after significant weight loss in Grand Rapids, MI is the excess skin left on the upper arms. Unfortunately this is an area where the remaining scar is visible in short sleeved or sleeveless garments. However, even scarring doesn’t deter many from going ahead with an arm lift (brachioplasty). This 44-year-old mother lost an amazing 150 pounds after gastric bypass surgery. In order to remove the excess hanging skin from her upper arms, she chose to go ahead with an arm lift as she had an excessive amount of droopy skin.

Fortunately this patient was a “good scar former” – someone whose genetics are such that she makes light and thin scars. The post-operative result made her much more comfortable both in clothing that covered or revealed her upper arms. Post-operative photos were taken 4 months after surgery. She was very happy with her decision and over-all result.