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Body Contouring After Weight Loss FAQ

Massive weight loss patients in Grand Rapids, Michigan, often turn to the professionals at Partners in Plastic Surgery to help them put the finishing touches on their new bodies. Although bariatric surgery often results in a satisfying large-volume weight loss, many patients must still contend with unsightly, uncomfortable hanging skin that exercise can't alleviate. Dr. Dennis Hammond, Dr. Andrea Van Pelt, and Dr. Melissa Kath find fulfillment in helping patients remove this excess skin through body contouring procedures, and they look forward to helping you achieve your goals. Check out their answers to some of the questions their body contouring patients ask most frequently.

Our plastic surgeons understand that every case is different and strive to give each patient a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. We have extensive experience with these procedures, have board-certified anesthesiologists on staff, and perform surgeries in our fully accredited facility. To learn more about body contouring after weight loss, request a consultation online or call us at (616) 464-4420.

How do I know whether body contouring surgery is appropriate for me?

Men and women who have undergone bariatric surgery in the Grand Rapids area often visit our practice to address excess skin left behind by their rapid and significant weight losses. But the mere presence of excessive loose skin isn't enough to qualify someone for body contouring surgery. Good candidates are adults who are willing and able to maintain a steady, healthy weight after surgery. They should also be in generally good health, with medical clearance from their general practitioners.

Do I need to be at my lowest weight before undergoing a body contouring procedure?

No. When it comes to body contouring surgery, a low weight is not as important as the ability to maintain a stable weight. Patients considering body contouring surgery should show at least 1 year of weight maintenance before undergoing a procedure. If you're still actively losing weight, it's best to postpone your body contouring procedure in order to reduce the need for revisionary surgery later on.

What can I do to prepare for my body contouring procedure?

Prior to your surgery, Dr. Hammond, Dr. Van Pelt, or Dr. Kath will provide you with instructions to help you prepare. These instructions may include temporarily discontinuing the use of certain medications or supplements. If your doctor recommends lifestyle adjustments after surgery, do your best to incorporate those adjustments prior to your procedure to help you get used to them. Many of our Michigan plastic surgery patients also take the time to ensure their homes are clean, ready, and stocked with the things they will need after surgery, from medications to magazines. Many also enlist supportive friends or family members to lend a hand during the initial recuperation.

Will I need more than 1 surgery?

The answer to this question depends on your own unique areas of concern as well as your overall health. During your consultation for body contouring plastic surgery at our Grand Rapids, Michigan, practice, your surgeon will work with you to develop a treatment plan that fully addresses your concerns. This plan may include a staged procedure or a single surgery addressing 1 or more areas.

Does my insurance policy cover body contouring after weight loss?

Possibly. Some private insurance carriers cover body contouring after weight loss if there is a physical need for the surgery, such as pain from rashes around hanging skin. We can work with you to help you find out whether you might qualify. Even if you do not qualify for coverage, considering these procedures is wise because of the vast improvements they make to patients' mental and physical well-being. At Partners in Plastic Surgery, we offer financing through CareCredit® to help patients pay for their procedures.

What can I expect during my recuperation?

The specifics of your recuperation depend on the type of surgery you undergo. Most body contouring patients should expect to spend between 1 and 2 weeks resting at home. Surgical drains may be in place, and your surgeon will instruct you on how to monitor them. In many cases, excessive bending, heavy lifting, and other activities are inadvisable for several weeks following surgery. During your consultation, your doctor will provide you with a more thorough overview of what you can expect after your particular surgery.

How can I prolong my results?

Maintaining your weight can extend the life of your body contouring surgery significantly. Although all skin changes and sags over time, maintaining a steady weight after surgery prevents development of the significantly loose, sagging skin that prompted you to undergo body contouring surgery. Many patients are so satisfied with the results of their transformation that it spurs a series of positive lifestyle choices about diet and exercise, helping them maintain a healthy weight — and a beautiful appearance — indefinitely.

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