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Professional Presentations

  • Nanotechnology applications in plastic and reconstructive surgery: a review.
    Parks J 4th, Kath M, Gabrick K, Ver Halen JP.
    Plast Surg Nurs. 2012 Oct-Dec;32(4): 156-64.

  • Multiple, Small Bilateral Pulmonary Nodules on Thoracic CT in a Patient With
    Chronic Cough: A Common Presentation for an Uncommon Diagnosis.
    Mortman KD, Kath MA.
    Clinical Pulmonary Med. 2012 May;19(3):150-2.

  • Early serum (1-3)-P-D-glucan levels in patients with bum injury.
    Shupp JW, Petraitiene R, Jaskille AD, Pavlovich AR, Matt SE, Nguyen do T,
    Kath MA, Jeng JC, Jordan MH, Finkelman M, Walsh TJ, Shoham S.
    Mycoses. 2012 May;55(3):224-7.

  • Incidence of methemoglobinemia in patients receiving cerium nitrate and silver
    sulfadiazine for the treatment of bum wounds: a bum center's experience.
    Kath MA, Shupp JW, Matt SE, Shaw 10, Johnson LS, Pavlovich AR, Brant 10,
    Mete M, Jeng JC, Jordan MH.
    Wound Repair Regen. 2011 Mar-Apr;19(2):201-4.

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