Breast Augmentation

This patient is 41 years old and had breast fed 5 children. She was looking to be able to fill out a bra but wanted a natural look and feel. Dr. Hammond placed a 325 cc smooth round gel implant. Here is her 6 month follow up. She is very happy with her result!

After breast feeding 3 children, this young mother noticed a marked loss in the volume of her breasts and wanted to regain her pre-pregnancy shape and size.  She was a perfect fit for smooth round silicone implants with “Xtra” projection to maximize the full look she desired.  The results were stunning.



This 40 year old woman presented for breast augmentation. 475 cc anatomically shaped breast implants were used with a moderate height and moderate plus projection. They were placed using an inframmary fold incision and a sub-pectoral plane. Full release of the muscle ensures that she has no sub-muscular distortion even when flexing her pec muscles. Her result is at one year out from her bilateral breast augmentation.


36 year old with very little breast tissue. Bilateral breast augmentation using smooth round gel implants with a 350 cc volume and X-tra High profile. Inframmary fold incision, sub-pectoral placement. Six month result.

Here is a 50 year old female that desired more breast volume. Here she is 1 year post op.

This patient is a 19 year old and came to see Dr. Hammond for larger and fuller breasts. Here she is at her 6 week follow up from a Breast Augmentation.

This 39 year old woman came in to the office looking for more breast volume. She desired a proportionate, natural looking breast. She she is at her 1 year follow up.