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March 2015

March was officially breast augmentation month at PIPS! The experts at Partners in Plastic Surgery offer a sizing system and a 3D imaging program to see your potential results before surgery.
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February 2015

See your results before your procedure with sizers and our 3D photo simulator! You will leave your consultation with all the information you will need to make the best decision possible!
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October 2014

If you aren't happy with the nose you're living with there are surgical solutions and this month, we've got a discount to go along with them!
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August 2014

Even though it may feel like the sun is setting on summer, remeber to be diligent with your sunscreen.
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July 2014

The summer can be a great time to schedule a surgical procedure but sometimes the hardest part about recovery is simply TAKING IT EASY!
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May 2014

If you are suffering from inadequate eyelashes, there is an easy solution! In this issue, learn how to get fuller lashes for Summer with Latisse®.
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January 2014

In this issue, we have some fun things happening on Facebook! Visit our page and be the first to hear about specials and weekly, test YOUR cosmetic IQ for the chance to win prizes!
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