* After sustaining three previous traumas to her nose, this 53-year-old woman had not been able to breathe through her nose for years. Her nasal bones had been broken and her septum was deviated. Not only did this cause narrowing of her air passages, but it also distorted the outward appearance and shape of her nose. She had the feeling of loose cartilage on one side of her nose and complained of headaches. The nasal airway blockage caused her to have a very nasal-sounding voice and made it difficult for her to speak. She also had trouble sleeping comfortably at night. In order to improve the function and appearance of her nose, she sought nasal surgery at Partners in Plastic Surgery of West Michigan. After her rhinoplasty in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with reshaping, realignment of her septum and surgical re-opening of her nasal air passages, this patient was finally able to breathe again! She felt like she had her “old” nose back–before she ever sustained any nasal trauma. Her voice is back to normal and has lost that nasal tone; she is sleeping like a baby; and her headaches are gone! Photos are shown four months following surgery.