* Here is a 36 year old mother who had a bilateral breast augmentation using saline implants filled to 350 cc nine years ago. She now feels that she is too big and ptotic. She sat down with one of our experienced breast surgeons to discuss her options. A careful surgical plan was devised. It included a bilateral implant exchange switching her implants to smaller smooth round gel implants. In addition she needed to have a breast lift to remove excess skin in a manner that would both lift her breasts as well as give them a pretty shape. The final implant size was 275cc and the breast lift was achieved using a circumvertical pattern. In addition the (large) size of her nipple and areolas was addressed by reducing them along with the breast lift. She is now six months out from her outpatient procedure. We’ve included close up photos of the scars around her areola and the curved vertical scars after her surgery.