*This 49 year old mother of five presented to our office to discuss a mommy makeover. She felt that her breasts were too small for the rest of her frame. Her abdomen had lost its firmness and she had a little extra fat in her mid-section. She was interested in two procedures. A breast augmentation (possibly with a lift) and a tummy tuck. She tried on breast sizers and liked the 350cc to 400 cc size. She decided to go with anatomically shaped gel implants. Her mastopexy-aug was achieved with a peri-areolar lift and moderate profile and projection 395cc gel breast implants. This was followed by a standard tummy tuck with liposuction to her abdomen, posterior hips and to a little fullness she had in the axilla area. Updated photos!! She is now seven months out from her procedure with an outstanding result from her mommy makeover!