* This 45 year old woman had completed her treatment for her breast cancer. She was now ready to have her breast reconstructed. Her right breast was a bit ptotic so a breast lift was done at the same time. Her left breast was reconstructed using a free muscle sparing TRAM flap procedure. These procedures were done as an in-patient and she had a six week recovery time. Eight months later a second procedure was done as an out patient. Final shaping was done to the left reconstructed breast, fat grafting was added to the left superior chest wall, her nipple and areolar complex was reconstructed and the lateral ends of her TRAM scar were revised. She is now nine months out from her second stage and is doing very well. Her scars will most likely lighten some more with time but her breasts and the body contouring that was a result of using her tummy tissue for her breast reconstruction look fabulous!