*Most women have a breast asymmetry to some extent. We often tell our patients that any asymmetries that they have will be augmented when they have a breast augmentation. Such is the case with this very trim young mother. She has a mild skin envelope and nipple asymmetry which became a bit more obvious after her breast augmentation. However, looking at her post operative views, her breast shape is gorgeous (lateral views are always a good way to judge a breast). The implants that were used were low height, moderate plus profile anatomically shaped silicone gel with a 370cc volume. The low height was used as she is only 5’3″ and her breasts are fairly high on her chest wall. A taller implant would have given her too much fullness superiorly. Her implants were placed through an inframmary fold incision and under her pec muscle. She now has very pretty, full breasts and at seven months out from her bilateral breast augmentation she is very happy.