* This 44 year old woman who was otherwise very healthy showed up with a breast cancer. She was referred here for a consult to discuss her options for immediate breast reconstruction. She did not have enough tissue on her abdomen to reconstruct both breasts so her surgeon used the muscle on her back along with tissue expanders to reconstruct her breasts. This 1st stage was done as an in patient. Seven months later she went back to the operating room for her 2nd stage of breast reconstruction. Her tissue expanders were replaced with smooth round gel breast implants, revisions were made to her scars and breast shape and her nipple and areolas were reconstructed. Seven months later her nipple and areolas were tattooed. These photos show her at one year after her 2nd stage and 6 months after her tattooing. She has a very beautiful breast reconstruction and is very happy that she chose the surgeon and method of reconstruction that she did!