* Here is a 60 year old woman who presented to our office with a right breast cancer. She came to get educated on breast reconstruction and to determine what would be the best option for her. Many factors are taken into consideration regarding the method of reconstruction. These include individual body habitus, opposite breast options, over-all medical condition, patient desires as far as the kind of result she wants, support at home and the time that the patient is either willing or able to commit to recovery. In her case she decided to have her breast reconstructed using the latissimus dorsi muscle along with a tissue expander. This was done at the time of her mastectomy. A breast lift was done to the opposite breast. Four months later her expander was replaced with a smooth round gel breast implant and a new nipple and areola was reconstructed. Six months later her reconstructed nipple and areola was tattooed to match her left one. Her result is that both of her breasts look very pretty and youthful and the sting of having breast cancer is somewhat diminished.