* Here is a 44 year old woman who presented to our office with a diagnosis of a left breast cancer. She was seeking information regarding options for breast reconstruction following her pending mastectomy. She was an ideal candidate for a TRAM flap breast reconstruction. She had just enough extra soft tissue and skin on her abdomen to fill in the skin envelope after her breast tissue and nipple and areola were removed. Working with her cancer surgeon, an incision pattern was drawn on her left breast for a “skin sparing” mastectomy. Once the breast was removed her reconstructive surgeon immediately followed the cancer surgeon transferring her tummy tissue to fill in the left breast skin envelope. This was done as an in-patient. Six months later the final breast and abdominal contouring along with nipple and areola reconstruction was completed as an out-patient. Tattooing of her reconstructed nipple and areola was done in the office another 6 months later completing her beautiful breast reconstruction. Included in her photos are photos of her markings before both her first and second stages of recontruction. Her post op photo was taken 4 years following her mastectomy. This is a fine example of current breast reconstructive techniques that are available to women facing the loss of a breast, lessoning the trauma that goes along with that loss.