*Breast augmentation is not as easy as “just slipping in” a couple of breast implants. At 5’11”, 124 lbs. this 38 year old woman looked for a highly qualified and experienced surgeon to do her breast augmentation for good reasons. She was very fit and trim so she had very little soft tissue to mask the presence of a breast implant, she had a breast asymmetry and her breasts were placed on the lateral aspect of her chest wall. Improperly sized and/or positioned implants could have caused a real problem for her. After careful examination, measuring, and discussion, a surgical plan was formulated. Her implants would be placed in the sub-pectoral plane to aid in soft coverage superiorly. To help shape the breast, anatomically shaped cohesive gel implants would be used and a small breast lift would be done on her left breast. The implants used were CPG style 322 355cc devices, placed through an inframmary fold on the right breast and through the vertical aspect of her breast lift pattern on her the left. Her post-op photos show a 4 year result which demonstrates how careful strategic planning can lead to outstanding results in augmentation!