* This 46 year old woman had a left mastectomy as part of her treatment for breast cancer. When she was ready to have her left breast reconstructed the decision had been made to have her right breast removed as well. Consequently she had both breasts reconstructed at the same time; one in a delayed fashion and the other immediately after the mastectomy was completed. Her reconstructive strategy involved the use of her tummy tissue. Bilateral TRAM flaps were raised from the extra skin and fat that she had on her abdomen. Skin was taken along with the muscle for the left breast to replace the skin that had been removed at the time of her mastectomy. On the right side a “skin sparing mastectomy” along with a breast lift had been incorporated into the whole surgical plan so that only the muscle and soft tissue were needed for this breast. Her second stage procedure was done eight months later. This out patient procedure included final shaping of both breasts, left nipple and areola reconstruction and other touch up procedures. This completed this woman’s bilateral breast reconstruction using her own soft tissues, restoring both breasts and giving her a tummy tuck as well. She was very pleased with the method and end result of this surgical plan for her bilateral breast reconstruction.