Breast Augmentation

This patient is 41 years old and had breast fed 5 children. She was looking to be able to fill out a bra but wanted a natural look and feel. Dr. Hammond placed a 325 cc smooth round gel implant. Here is her 6 month follow up. She is very happy with her result!

Case #668

Here is a 36 year old mother who presented to our office to discuss breast augmentation. At 5′ 8″ , 154 lbs she wanted her breast volume to better match her taller frame. She did not however want to appear “augmented”. Physically, she presented with very small breast volume, well toned skin and moderate cleavage. Her surgeon, using all of the latest technology available was able to help her visualize herself with various sized and styles of breast implants. An inframmary fold incision, round Demi 340 cc breast implants and a fully released sub-pectoral pocket gave her just the look she wanted. She is now just four weeks out from her breast augmentation with lovely gently enhanced breasts.

Case #643

40 year old woman presented for breast augmentation. 475 cc anatomically shaped breast implants were used with a moderate height and moderate plus projection. They were placed using an inframmary fold incision and a sub-pectoral plane. Her result is at one year out from her bilateral breast augmentation.

Case #639

Here is a 30 year old woman with mild breast asymmetry, not in regards to breast volume but placement of breasts on her chest wall. She wanted a natural looking breast augmentation. Anatomically shaped gel breast implants with a 255 cc volume were the implant of choice for her. They were placed using an inframmary fold incision and sub-pectoral placement. She is only five weeks out from her breast augmentation with a lovely result. The last two photos show her well healed inframammary fold incisions.

Case #631